Preventive Services

Custom Sportsguards

Any sport where there is a good chance that there will be contact between participants should require the players to wear a sportsguard.  Sportsguards help protect the teeth and also help prevent injury when the lower jaw is pushed up into the upper jaw.  Many people do not like to wear them because they are bulky or do not fit well.  Our custom sportsguards are comfortable, form-fitting and smaller in size that the ones bought off the shelf.

Hygiene Appointments

Hygiene appointments allow our hygienists and doctors to keep track of the current state of our patients’ oral health. During the appointments our patients can expect our hygienists to clean hard-to-reach areas under the gum line, remove plaque that causes infection and decay and provide an education on how to maintain good oral hygiene. Regular visits are an important part of maintaining good overall health.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay.  Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to acid attack from sugars and plaque bacteria. It strengthens tooth enamel and makes it harder for cavities to form.

It is important that children receive regular fluoride treatments. Adults, however, can also benefit from fluoride treatments if they are prone to decay or have sensitive teeth.

Nightguard Therapy

Sleep bruxism (teeth grinding) is a common symptom that people suffer from. It is characterized by the repeated clenching and grinding of one’s teeth. While it’s usually prominent during sleeping hours, a lot of people do it subconsciously when they are awake. Bruxism can cause an accelerated loss of bone and wears down the tooth structure.  A nightguard is the most effective and least intrusive treatment for the majority of patients. It works to keep the chewing muscles relaxed and prevents teeth from coming in contact with each other while you sleep.


Dental sealants are thin coatings that are applied to the grooves and pits of teeth. They work to protect teeth from decay. They are very common for children to get on their premolars and permanent molars in order to protect their teeth during their cavity-prone years. Adults can benefit from them too.  Dental sealants typically last for several years.

Tooth Desensitization

To desensitize a tooth our dentists apply a thin coat of fluoride gel. The fluoride gel works to strengthen enamel and reduce teeth sensitivity caused by receding gums.  This stops the transmission to the nerves that cause pain. The appointment only takes a few minutes and has long-lasting results.