Straight Teeth: Not Just About Looks


WE TEND TO think of straight teeth as being mainly about looks, but they actually come with several very real health benefits too!


1. Easier Brushing and Flossing

Teeth that overlap each other and are crowded together can be harder to clean, leaving them more at risk of decay. It’s much easier to clean all the surfaces of straight teeth and keep that plaque at bay!


2. Speaking Clearly

We need our tongues, teeth, and lips in the right places to make the correct sounds when speaking. If our teeth aren’t where they should be, enunciating can be harder.


3. Digestion

As our teeth grind up the food, digestive enzymes in our saliva begin to break it down chemically. Poorly aligned teeth make it hard to get the most out of this step in the process, making digestion less efficient. It can even make it more difficult to lose weight!


4. Breathing

If a person isn’t able to comfortably close their jaws when resting, then they’re likely to breathe through their mouth more often. Mouth breathing is linked with many negative health effects, from dry mouth and bad breath to lower energy levels and difficulty focusing.


If you are interested in having your teeth straightened, speak with us a your next visit. We can refer you to an amazing Orthodontist or you may be a candidate for Invisalign, here in our office!





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